Exploration – These Guys VS Those Guys – 2/14/14



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This week in class, we performed an experiment to view the difference between the masses of substances separated compared to the mass after they have been combined. Essentially, this lab was to demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Mass.

We began the lab by massing the “these-guys”(or taller container) and the “those-guys”(or shorter container) without anything in them. We then  collected two finger-width’s of the unknown clear liquid into the “these guys” container. We then massed the container with the liquid inside. We then collected 0.84g of the unknown white-powdery substance into the “those guys” container, and massed the glass again as well. Next, we proceeded to mix the two substances together, allowing the reaction to happen between the two and then recording the masses of both glasses again. Below is the results of our measurements.


However, we realized that the substance left over did not equal this sum of its parts. However, we were bale to determine that this was due to the reaction releasing gas, contributing to the mass lost when the two substances were added together. We then took these meaurements and used then to calculate the mass of our gas. After we were able to find this, we contributed all our data to create a graph and a best fit line of the class data. We used this to determine what amount of gas should be released per gram of solid.


We concluded that our point on the graph was usuable and “good” data. We believe this because our data was nearly on mark with the best fit line, and was close to the “actual” amount of gas that should be released according to chemical properties.

It was determined that we should loose .4256g of gas per every 1g of solid according to our best fit line. According to the scientific equation, however, it was determineed that we should loos 44g of gas for every 84g of solid. So, for example, if you had 5g of solid, according to our best fit line, you should loose 2.128g of gas. And according to the equation, you should loose 2.61g of gas. This could also be used reversly. Say you have 5g of gas produced, according to our best fit line, you would determine you had 11.7481g of solid. And according to the formula, you would have had 11.36g of solid.



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