Exploration – Hydrate – 3/4/14

In class, we did an exploration in which we were to determine the percent composition of our hydrate, Copper(II) Sulfate Pentahydrate (CuSO4 · 5H2O). We did this by heating our compound over a Bunsen burner, turning it from its blue crystalline state to a white powder.

We massed our substance before and after heating, giving us the mass of water released in the difference between the two masses.



The percent of the water in the hydrate cane out to 37.168%.  Percent composition = mass wtr/mass hydrate X 100. So we take .84/2.26 X 100 to get our answer.

This result is fairly reliable, correlating well with the other outcomes in the class. Our only real source of error would most likely be the bit of substance that stuck to the stirring rod during heating.


We have know had class discussion, making the points of the actual formula amount of oxygen to be at 0.815g theoretically.  Ours came out to 0.840g of water, giving us a close result to the theoretical data, with a percent error of 3.067%. Another error we discussed was the calculation of substance lost during the lab. We determined that limited by our lab and calculations, lost substance would essentially be counted as water that was removed from the hydrate during the lab in calculations. This could throw off calculations and data further.


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