Exploration – Beans in a Pot – 3/11/14

In class,we did a lab in which we needed to find the relative mass of five types of beans in order to find the number of beans in a “Pot.” To put the “Pot” into perspective, we are using it as a model for the unit of the “Mole.”


To do this, we found the mass of 50 of each type of bean. To get the relative mass, we divided the mass of each type of bean by the mass of the type of bean with the smallest mass. In our case, we divide each mass by the mass of the 50 Navy Beans. We also ranked each bean in order from 1-5, 1 being the lightest relative mass. We then used the relative mass to find how many beans it took to reach the relative mass. This number of beans is called the “Pot.”
After we calculated the pot, we then used the data to calculate various amounts asked by the lab sheet.



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