The Mole

What can we say about the mole? It’s an ingenious number, the unit that can almost define chemistry itself. But what is the mole?
The mole is a term used to describe Avagadro’s number, or 6.02e23. In essence, this number gives us a basic unit by which we can use as a standard for chemical measurements. Because of this, many refer to it as the “chemist’s dozen.”
In our studies about the mole, I think what surprised me the most was the magnitude of the number. To put it into perspective, imagine you had one mole of rice grains. That would be enough rice to cover the state of New Mexico in 26 miles high of rice! That’s an insanely large number, and it just brings the image of that many atoms and molecules making up chemicals and matter in our universe.
The thing that probably made the most sense about the mole is its applicability. For example, instead of trying to describe those large amounts of molecules and atoms, we can use the mole similarly to the dozen, thus the term “chemist’s dozen.”
All in all, the mole is an extraordinary number that has greatly impacted our scientific history, and in the words of chemistry cat….


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