Exploration – Chemical Reactions Lab – 4/14/14

In class, we did a lab in which we were do multiple experiments, observe the major types of reactions, record these observations, and complete a balanced equation for each reaction.
Me and my partner were assigned the 4th and 7th experiments, which were…



We followed lab procedures, and wore protective goggles and aprons to avoid chemical contact with ourselves.


After performing each experiment, we recorded our observations…


After this, we gathered up all our class data, and created equations for each reaction. We then balanced these and recorded the equations.


Overall, this lab taught us how a reaction transfers into a chemical equation. This taught us in the sense that some reactions had different results than others. For example, Reactions 1 and 2 produced a single compound, whereas Reactions 3 and 4 only had a single reactant, but produced multiple products. This showed us that reactions can vary, and depending on reactants and procedure, can produce different outcomes and products.


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