Exploration – Compounds and Ions – 4/15/14

Following our reactions lab from monday, we did another lab this week. However, this one dealt with compounds and ions.


For this lab, we needed to take two beakers and fill them with the same amount of D.I. water. Me and my partner chose to use 100mL of water. After this, we needed to add salt to a beaker, and sugar to the other. We needed to create compounds that appeared homogeneous, in that the salt and sugar were not visible.


We then discussed as a group the properties of the compounds, and began to question how to test the ionization of the compounds.
We determined we could do this by using a “light bulb set-up” to determine if the compounds were ionically charged.

By doing this, we discovered that the salt-water compound was charged,while the sugar-water compound was not. We knew this because the salt-water compound conducted electricity, while the sugar-water compound did not.


We learned that the salt-water compound was conductive because the conductive ions were separated by water, whereas the sugar-water compound had no ions. We explained this using a particle diagram.



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