Exploration – Water/Pressure Lab (i.e. Gas Laws) – 5/5/14

In class, we did an exploration is which we were to determine multiple pieces of data in order to better understand the “Gas Laws.”

The Lab itself was a simple apparatus, where we were to fill a jar using a tube and funnel from 3 different heights, and determine the amount of pressure that compressed the gas in each trial.

A simple diagram of the first two trials

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this lab, keeping air from entering the jar after it was sealed was a daunting task. By clamping the tube and by maintaining water in the funnel, we avoided excess air in the jar.


In the end, we went back and used multiple calculations to determine the various factors. We concluded that the higher the funnel the more water that could enter the jar. Thus, this allows us to conclude that the volume of the gas at the taller height had less volume than at the lower height. This also tells us that as volume increases, pressure decreases. This is an inverse relationship in gas laws, also known as “Boyle’s Law.”


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