What I’m Passionate About

Despite being involved in multiple things outside of school,I do find time for hobbies. But I’m most passionate about my drawing and music. I’ve been drawing since I can remember, and my skills have improved so much in the past year with the help of instructors and studies alike.

My other passion is music. I started playing piano early in my life, and switched to guitar in around 5th grade. I also started band and played throughout middle school on trombone. Guitar has stayed with me though, and my skill has grown so much. I continue to play and even play in a group. We play the farmer’s market most weekends and play concerts for various people and organizations. I also run the guitar club here at Mayfield High School.


Bouncy Ball Lab – 1/10/14

In class, we had a lab in which we were to create a well proportioned mixture of polyvinalacetate(glue), and sodium borate(Borax), to create a bouncy ball with the best bounce-to-mass ratio. Over the course of an hour, we developed 4 different mixtures. We decided on changing the variable of the amount of borax,hoping it would give us a more rubber texture similar to that of a real “bouncey ball.” In the end, we decided on the mixture of 10g of glue, 2ml of Borax solution (15g of Borax /100ml of water). In our two final product balls, we colored them green and ended up with masses of 3g and 3.6g. They had an average bounce height of 44mm and 39mm respectively.CAM00576

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